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How to Install Deck Drainage

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Deck Drainage for a Dry Outdoor Space

Installing deck drainage is an important step in ensuring that your deck is properly protected from water damage. Follow these steps to install deck drainage:

Step 1: Measure and plan
Measure the length and width of your deck to determine the amount of drainage material you will need. Plan the drainage system layout, keeping in mind the slope of your deck to ensure proper water flow.

Step 2: Install the gutter
Start by installing the gutter along the edge of the deck. Use a level to ensure that it is installed evenly. Attach the gutter to the deck using screws or brackets.

Step 3: Install the downspout
Next, install the downspout at the end of the gutter to direct water away from the deck. Make sure the downspout is securely attached to the gutter and the deck.

Step 4: Install the flashing
Install flashing along the edge of the deck to prevent water from seeping underneath the deck. Secure the flashing to the deck using screws or adhesive.

Step 5: Install the drainage material
Lay the drainage material over the deck surface, making sure it covers the entire deck area. Cut the material to fit around any obstacles or corners.

Step 6: Secure the drainage material
Secure the drainage material to the deck using screws or adhesive. Make sure the material is taut and evenly distributed.

Step 7: Test the drainage system
Test the drainage system by pouring water onto the deck and observing how it flows through the gutter and downspout. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure proper water flow.

By following these steps, you can install deck drainage to protect your deck from water damage and ensure that it lasts for years to come.